Balch & Bingham Caves; Finally Admits Re-hiring Irving Jones, Jr.

Over three weeks of silence after we broke the story, Balch & Bingham has caved and finally admitted to re-hiring Irving Jones, Jr. with a news release posted yesterday evening.

Jones will forever be known as the junior ghost-writer of the ghost-writer extraordinaire, convicted felon and ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert.

Of course, Balch’s fluff has no mention of Jones’ testimony during the criminal trial or how Gilbert told Jones to “dumb down” the ghost-written letters that Jones had written for African-American residents of North Birmingham.

Jones, who boasts of having served as a counter-intelligence agent for the NSA,  had a James Bond (or Maxwell Smart) moment during the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal: he infiltrated meetings and monitored social media accounts of GASP, the tiny Birmingham health and environmental public charity, that was a target during the bribery scheme.

Balch stooges Scott Phillips and Trey Glenn were indicted two weeks ago in relation to the unsavory if not unethical conduct employed against GASP.

Of course, Balch & Bingham has welcomed Jones back with open arms. As the resident in North Birmingham said, “Lord have mercy!”