North Birmingham Bribery Case,  Spotlight on Balch & Bingham

Balch Stooges Indicted

And Balch & Bingham thought it was all behind them.

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist John Archibald writes:

Trey Glenn, the head of the EPA for the Southeast region and a shill for polluters from way back, was just charged with crimes for his role in the toxic north Birmingham bribery scandal.

And Scott Phillips, a former member of the Alabama Environmental Management Commission who took a contract from Balch & Bingham to help discourage cleanup of north Birmingham and prevent EPA expansion into Tarrant, was charged on the same day for related crimes.

Phillips and Glenn were charged last week — the charges were made public today — with a range of ethics charges. Phillips was charged with multiple violations of the Ethics Act, and Glenn was charged with multiple counts of conspiracy and/or complicity with Phillips to violate the Ethics Act. Prosecutors claim Phillips used his public position for personal gain, and Glenn helped him do it.

As we wrote in August, Phillips (pictured right) was given the boot by the Birmingham-Jefferson County Port Authority after Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert was convicted on all six federal counts.

During day 7 of the criminal trial, Glenn (pictured left) admitted handing off confidential work product of public charity and environmental group GASP to Balch-made millionaire Gilbert so he could draft counter-points.

And we are told this is only the beginning!


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