Balch Boasts of New Hires, Except Irving Jones, Jr.

As an insider told us: you can measure when you are beating Balch & Bingham not by their correcting a wrong but how much money and resources Balch and their unknown allies waste to allegedly avoid or attempt to derail the truth.

AstroTurf efforts. A paid digital campaign. Public relations fluff. Orchestrated sabotages. Paid-in-full stooges and actors.

Yesterday, Balch launched another salvo on the heels of their Chicken Legs Palooza  public relations fluff.

Trying to counter the reality that a dozen (known publicly) money-making partners  have left the firm, the firm dispatched a news release that six new associates have joined the firm, and even are playing it up on their website (screenshot above).

What Balch failed to mention is they also rehired Irving Jones, Jr., the former underling of now convicted felon and ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert.

Jones infiltrated meetings of the public charity GASP and helped ghost-write “dumbed-down” letters to be signed by community residents in the AstroTurf campaign to block EPA testing in North Birmingham, according to court testimony this summer.

All six new hires have webpages and smiling photos, except Irving Jones, Jr.

What, in heaven’s name, could they possibly be ashamed of?