Spotlight on Balch & Bingham

Balch’s Disgraceful Publicity Stunts

Sometimes, like our readers, we do not know if we should laugh or cry when we see Balch & Bingham’s foolish actions.

In their first highly-publicized event since Balch-made millionaire and now ex-partner/ghost-writer extraordinaire Joel I. Gilbert was convicted on all six federal counts, Balch engaged in their first public act as a firm.

No it wasn’t a heartfelt apology to the North Birmingham African-American community nor an announcement that Balch was settling the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Balch & Bingham held a fried chicken legs competition, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.


The public relations stunt shows how out of touch Balch is to the public perception of the smelly cronyism, alleged corruption, and questionable conduct by the firm.

Last February, Balch tried to ignore and deflect the mass exodus of money-making partners by dispatching some inaccurate public relations fluff.

In their second annual food “palooza,” Balch leaders attempted again to ignore and deflect the bad news away by eating chicken legs.

On their website, Balch boasts about being the pro bono law firm of the year.

Free services?

Does that include convicted Balch & Bingham partner Joel I. Gilbert and cronies’ disgraceful act of offering free coats” to poor African-American children in North Birmingham so that their parents could be discouraged from having their toxic property tested by the EPA?


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