Giving the Boot to Balch-Affiliated Goons

We outlined last week how Balch & Bingham’s once-upon-a-time all powerful touch has disintegrated into manure and that the embattled law firm has become a political liability.

Now government agencies are agreeing and beginning to give the boot to Balch-affiliated cronies, consultants, and goons.

The Birmingham-Jefferson County Port Authority fired STRADA Professional Services last Friday, behind closed doors. STRADA is headed by Scott Phillips (pictured), who testified in the Oliver Robinson Corruption Trial. reports:

It appears the city is distancing itself from that company because of STRADA President Scott Phillips’ connection to corruption that kept the 35th Avenue Superfund site in North Birmingham from being expanded and placed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List, which would have expedited cleanup by making the polluters pay for it.

As readers may recall, Phillips testified on Day 10 of the trial on July 11. We wrote at the time:

After the lunch break, appearing on the witness stand in the afternoon was Scott Phillips, “the CEO of Strada Professional Services, former AEMC member who was contracting with Balch and gave GASP documents to Balch ahead of an AEMC meeting,” according to [’s Kyle] Whitmire.

Phillips appears to be at Day 10 one of the worst witnesses,  and looks like he damaged his own role as anything but innocent. Phillips was shredded by the media.

Kudos to the Port Authority for taking the lead. Who’s next?