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Abrupt Demise: “Furious” Crosswhite Allegedly Refuses to Speak to Ex-Law Partners

Balch & Bingham Managing Partner Stan Blanton should have had a wonderful, high-profile, black-tie event celebrating the embattled law firm’s centennial anniversary.

Instead, the October event at the members-only venue, The Club, was held in secret, with no fanfare, no media, no red carpet, no fluff.

Engulfed in never-ending scandal, Balch, practically a wholly owned subsidiary of Alabama Power, has gone “from prestigious to egregious.” Like an unconstitutional and secretive Star Chamber, Blanton and his colleagues ate dinner in secret and appeared to masticate the surf and turf dinner with stomach butterflies and wine.

Mark A. Crosswhite, the ex-Balch partner and current CEO of Alabama Power, sources claim, is allegedly furious, and is allegedly not speaking to Balch’s top brass.

Crosswhite, sources claim, is allegedly out of the running for CEO and Chairman of Southern Company and Crosswhite allegedly blames Balch and the Matrix Meltdown for his career’s abrupt demise.

Other sources claim that an ongoing federal investigation related to the alleged obstruction of justice in the North Birmingham Bribery Case is allegedly weighing tremendously on Crosswhite.

In addition, we, the CDLU, learned from our DOJ sources that the pedophilia/kiddie porn investigation related to ex-Balch attorney and alleged pedophile Chase T. Espy is still ongoing.

In addition, a broader and deeper probe of the app used by Espy to solicit a child for sex is part of a national investigation into child trafficking and exploitation.

With this revolting baggage and alleged cover-up of Espy’s misconduct, we are not surprised that Crosswhite is not on speaking terms. With children possibly being harmed, will Alabama Power finally cut the ropes with Balch?

Ex-Balch attorney pled guilty to possession of kiddie porn

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