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As Crosswhite Scandal Grows, ex-Balch Partner Tries to Delay Reporting to Prison

On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, convicted felon and ex-Balch & Bingham partner Joel I. Gilbert is to report to federal prison.

However, Gilbert has filed for a delay arguing he wishes to remain a free man as he appeals his conviction before the the Supreme Court of the United States.

Gilbert seeks a delay.

If the lower court refuses, he then asks for a 90-day extension as an alternative so he can handle a real estate sale and estate matters for his nieces.

We believe Gilbert actually wishes to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas as a final goodbye as he is locked away for five hard years.

Although we take no happiness and no pleasure in seeing Gilbert locked up as his young children grow up without a father, we believe justice was partially served for the unfathomable, abhorrent, and racist scheme known as the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal.

Targeting poor black children by handing out $50 Burlington Coat Factory gift cards to their parents was just one of the revolting acts to suppress African-Americans from having their property tested by the EPA.

Mark A. Crosswhite, the ex-Balch partner and current CEO of Alabama Power, has attempted in court filings to paint himself and Alabama Power as “victims” of the scandal.

What a crock!

And now with allegations that Alabama Power and/or other related entities have indemnified the alleged racist, unsavory, criminal, and immoral misconduct at Balch & Bingham, the Crosswhite Scandal is growing by the day.

If true, how many millions has Alabama Power or its parent company, Southern Company, funneled to Balch? Were moneys funneled through PACs or other allies or front groups?

Indemnifying Balch means Southern Company shareholders may have picked up the tab when it serves no shareholders interest but only benefits the crooks or criminals behind the shenanigans.

We, the CDLU, exposed the fact that Balch-made millionaire Joel I. Gilbert was on the payroll even after he was indicted. Balch waited to terminate Gilbert until the day he was convicted on all six criminal counts.

Who really paid Gilbert? Was he indemnified? Did he get a generous final paycheck with a go-to-jail bonus? Was Alabama Power involved in any way?

The serious questions surrounding the alleged indemnification agreements are provoking keen interest, regardless of what non-disclosure agreements were signed. (wink!)

Crosswhite’s absolute control now appears to be out of control absolutely.

Disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town drinks while Crosswhite smiles.


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