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Motion Denied! Gilbert Headed to Prison; Internal Convulsions at Alabama Power

The motion to delay reporting to prison by ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert has been summarily denied, the court responding that the convicted felon had more than enough time to put his affairs in order.

Gilbert is now obligated to report to federal prison tomorrow, Wednesday, October 27th.

The last-minute move comes as Balch & Bingham’s sister-wife Alabama Power is allegedly suffering from internal convulsions.

Ex-Balch partner and current Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite is allegedly furious that unconfirmed news reports are circulating about the alleged pending and unannounced retirement of Tom Fanning, the CEO of parent company Southern Company.

Unsubstantiated claims include the allegation that Crosswhite allegedly has told elite decision makers that he is next in line for the top job in Atlanta.

Southern Company’s Board of Directors would be under intense pressure to select a woman or person of color.

If so, Crosswhite would be out of the running. He will also probably tied up in a federal civil RICO lawsuit tied to the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Insiders tell us if Crosswhite is forced to retire, he would be replaced at Alabama Power by Alexia Borden, a woman.

Balch & Bingham felt they had the right to “ruin a rival.” Instead they ruined themselves and their closest allies.

Just look at Balch-made millionaire Gilbert who will be playing solitaire and counting the days for the next 5 long years.


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