Balch Stooge Jay E. Town Flees as Probe Continues

Disgraced Ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town resigned his office effective at midnight on July 15, 2020.

Fleeing the corrupt cesspool in the middle of the night, Town’s statement of “wanting to spend more time with his family” is a stock-and-trade, bullshit excuse when political appointees are abruptly shown the door.

Town was an ambitious political animal who spent decades building his image only to see his future crumble when photos were published of him chugging cocktails with former Balch & Bingham partner and Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite at the Moon Shine Lounge.

And what truly forced him to abruptly quit, resign?

We believe an intense DOJ probe that we, the CDLU, provoked that is looking closely at, among many things, Town’s alleged corrupt assistance and blocking of four FBI investigations in the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Burt Newsome, a Balch competitor, was targeted, falsely arrested, and defamed starting in 2012 in an alleged conspiracy to steal his business servicing banks.

The case now sits before the Alabama Supreme Court.

No matter how the court rules, the never-ending entanglement has damaged the career of numerous Balch stooges, including Town, and tarnished the reputation of the once-prestigious law firm.

Just days before Town’s resignation, Balch defenders terrorized the wrong family and orchestrated the worst publicity campaign ever in the defense of Balch.

The foolish efforts flopped and backfired.

And now a resignation will not bring Town’s troubles to an end.

On the contrary, his resignation amplifies curiousity about what did Town do and when will he answer for his alleged misconduct.

Congressional leaders and oversight aides are being briefed, while more evidence is being dispatched to Main Justice.

Hiding in a corner office of a private, cyber security company and engaging in an examination of conscience, Town must come to terms with opening up about his alleged illicit relationship with Balch, Alabama Power, and Crosswhite.

Inherent goodness shall prevail.

If not, Town would not have resigned, and he, himself, absolutely, positively, and unequivocally knows it.