Lying Balch & Bingham Cries Uncontrollably About

In their response to the Alabama Supreme Court appeal in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, Balch & Bingham dedicates several pages to a non-party in the case:

Unable to defend the indefensible in legal arguments, thin-skinned Balch & Bingham cries uncontrollably about and our reporting.

Like snake oil salesmen, Balch appears to show they are nothing more than a lying sack of marbles, falsely alleging that the we, the CDLU, and Burt Newsome are long time friends.

Next month marks the anniversary of the first time that we, the CDLU, met Burt Newsome at a charity event in 2016. When we heard his John Grisham-like story, like the public in general, we were in disbelief. We reached out to Balch initially in early January of 2017.

With absolutely no evidence, Balch falsely alleges that Newsome is funding our efforts—a blatant lie.

When the hospital industry attacked us in 2003 as a front-group for the Republican Party or insurance industry, we would always respond: CDLU takes no money from political parties, insurance companies, organized labor, and to prevent any other false conspiracies, the tobacco industry.

Balch & Bingham also lies by alleging that Newsome violated the secrecy of the Star Chamber proceedings. Like the general public, we, too, were in the dark for over 500 days.

We remind Balch that they, Balch & Bingham, reached out to us in August of 2018 before the Star Chamber was dismantled.

But what made Balch & Bingham go ballistic, truly ballistic, are our satirical cartoons.

Unbelievably, for the second time, the Alabama Supreme Court will be able to have a hearty laugh as they see Judge Carole Smitherman and Balch & Bingham’s Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr. singing a Celine Dion duet a la Titanic on the bow of the S.S. Balch & Bingham. Balch cut and pasted the cartoon in their reply.

Instead of arguing the legal merits of the case, Balch & Bingham’s 69-page reply appears to make a mockery of the Alabama legal system while providing a shining example of the alleged dishonesty of the embattled law firm.