Stupidity at its Highest

Today marks the one year anniversary when Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., the lead attorney and Balch & Bingham partner in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, lied about us, the CDLU, in a motion to seal all future depositions.

Stupidity at its highest, Schuyler demonstrated unequivocally that he did not know us and gave us, an outside party, instant credibility.

Since 2001, our organization has spurred three U.S. Congressional hearings, and numerous local, state, and civil rights investigations. We have worked closely with law enforcement, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the U.S. Treasury Department to bring miscarriages of justice to an end.

We learned recently that a Balch & Bingham attorney called Victor Hayslip, an attorney at Burr Forman, to see if we, the CDLU,  had actually met and spoken to them about the Black Hall Aerospace controversy.

Hayslip confirmed we had.

And who was that attorney? Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr.

Does he not think we are real? Just ask CBS’ 60 Minutes.