Richard Mullen’s Clean Break for Drummond

On All Saints Day, Richard Mullen will take the helm of Drummond Company and we hope his first act is to end the relationship, sever all ties with the embattled law firm Balch & Bingham.

Since Drummond CEO Mike Tracy announced his unexpected retirement, many Drummond insiders have debriefed us and they all say the same thing: Mullen is a man of absolute integrity and loyalty.

He was Garry Drummond’s loyal ear who kept a keen eye on his former mentor. Mullen’s work in Colombia was described as perfect precision, and that Mullen demonstrated compassion for workers, including local Colombians.

We hope Mullen continues to demonstrate unwavering loyalty to his employees and settles the David Roberson matter, which was so horribly mishandled by Mike Tracy.

With the recent news about the alleged unsavory, unethical conduct by former Balch partner Clark A. Cooper and the criminal conviction of former Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert, Mullen has an even easier decision to make.