Off With Their Heads!

Like the last days of the Soviet Union, the satellite offices of Balch & Bingham appear to be worried about their future and thinking of independence as The Washington Post exposé has tarnished the brand, the name, the legacy nationally.

Jokingly called Balch, Bingham & Bribery in some circles, Balch was at the pinnacle of power two years ago. Now they are a laughing stock.

With more national investigative journalists taking a look at Balch, will Balch satellite offices break away? Last year, Steven Greenhut, a former Managing Partner at Balch’s Jacksonville Office left the firm

Balch’s offices in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Jackson, and even Washington, D.C. have really nothing to do with the absurd conduct emanating from Birmingham.

Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., and the entire management team at Balch in Birmingham should be replaced.

Not only have these blind mice broken the trust with the public and legal community, they appear to have abused the interconnected relationships between their top clients, law enforcement, political action committees, the judicial branch, and even the Alabama Supreme Court.

Mark A. Crosswhite, a former Balch partner and the CEO of one of Balch’s biggest clients, Alabama Power, should be livid and demand change at the top.

“Off with their heads!” as the Queen of Hearts would say.