Newsome Conspiracy Case,  Spotlight on Balch & Bingham

The Alabama Supreme Court Wrestles with Balch & Bingham’s Stigma

The Alabama Supreme Court has been quiet, dead quiet on two matters:

  1. The redacted, illegible attorney fees of $192,000 imposed on Burt Newsome by a Balch & Bingham stooge;
  2. Keeping the Newsome Conspiracy Case sealed, as Balch & Bingham wants, even though there will be no jury trial or jury to be tainted.

Has the stigma of Balch & Bingham finally reached Montgomery? Are the justices intentionally remaining quiet?

Although some blind-mice at Balch foolishly believe the worst is over, the reality is that there are more headaches to come.

Last month, a West Virginia Supreme Court Justice was sentenced to two-years in federal prison for corruption. His crimes? Misusing state resources and lying to federal authorities.

What will investigators find in Montgomery?

How many phone calls or emails have members of the Alabama Supreme Court exchanged with Balch & Bingham in the past year? How many have been about the Newsome Conspiracy Case?

As Newsome’s legal team prepares a civil RICO lawsuit against Balch and its stooges, does the Alabama Supreme Court want to even be near that coffin made of pine? The Alabama Supreme Court really does not want to become the next Illinois or West Virginia Supreme Court.

Instead, insiders tell us the Justices may have an exit plan, a suicide-prevention compact: send the Newsome Conspiracy Case to mediation.

Balch’s former partner appears to have spearheaded this unjust mess;  Balch’s Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr. appears to have deepened this stenchy mess; and all the while, the Alabama Supreme Court doesn’t want to mop up Balch’s raw sewage.


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