Newsome Appeals Balch’s Summary Judgment

Over $30,000 in campaign cash to Judge Carole Smitherman and her husband State Senator Rodger Smitherman since July of 2017 has paid off handsomely.

Apparently kowtowing to Balch & Bingham, Judge Smitherman, as expected, affirmed a summary judgment against Burt Newsome in the Newsome Conspiracy Case currently taking place in a secretive and unconstitutional Star Chamber, according to an appeal filed by Burt Newsome.

Last month, the appeal was filed against Judge Smitherman’s bias and retaliatory decision with the Alabama Supreme Court.

Reviewing the 44 retaliatory and sloppy orders signed by Smitherman attached to the Writ of Mandamus last June, we are sure the co-conspirators are foolishly rejoicing this gross injustice as a “glorious victory” and slapping each other on the back.

But as we mentioned before, every misdeed, every action only helps solidify the civil RICO suit that Newsome is planning against Balch & Bingham for allegedly manipulating the judicial system in Alabama.

With the Alabama Supreme Court offering literally one-word decisions (affirmed or denied) in all of the related Writs and appeals in regards to the Newsome Conspiracy Case, will incoming Chief Justice Tom Parker rise above the perversion of Alabama’s pay-to-play judicial system and finally affirm the rule of law?

Either way the Supreme Justices decide, a federal civil RICO suit may be the only way to end Balch & Bingham’s alleged domination, manipulation, and perversion of the state legal system in Alabama.