Balch Crony: The Dog Ate My Homework

How much horse manure will Balch & Bingham and their cronies disperse in an attempt to conceal unsavory if not criminal conduct?

Reading the pleading from Robert M. Ronnlund, whose wife was a former partner at Balch & Bingham, explaining how the alleged criminal obstruction of justice happened in the Newsome Conspiracy Case is the worst excretion we have read to date and only raises more questions.

Ronnlund sent a letter in early 2016 to AT&T falsely claiming that “an objection has been filed regarding the deposition subpoena” and added, “absent a valid court order, please do not produce any documentation.”

Both claims were false.

Dismissing the matter as “fake news,” Ronnlund writes in his pleading from June 9, 2018 that “the error in question was made by the undersigned’s secretarial staff without the undersigned’s knowledge….”

In other words, his secretary made the error, the dog ate his homework, someone said Bloody Mary in front of a mirror, and miraculously the alleged criminal obstruction of justice happened by accident.

It was AT&T phone records that linked all the alleged Newsome co-conspirators together in June of 2017. Newsome’s legal team obtained the letter after requesting not only phone records, but all correspondence related to the phone records.

Even if Ronnlund’s secretary licked the envelope, how did the Scott, Sullivan, Streetman, & Fox law firm obtain all the phone numbers associated with another co-conspirator who was not even Ronnlund’s client and allegedly none of the co-conspirators knew each other?

Who is lying? Who is committing perjury?

The stench of manure is so strong it appears to reek of dishonesty.

We note that Ronnlund filed his pleading with the secretive Star Chamber the day after our post discussing that “we learned that investigators are looking for specific emails sent from Robert M. Ronnlund. We are trying to find out to whom and about what, but if the AT&T letter is any indicator, this doesn’t sound positive.”