Second Shot for Black Hall Aerospace

An update to our June post about ex-Balch & Bingham client Black Hall Aerospace a/k/a AAL USA, Inc. losing a piece of a $25 billion military contract: the winners of that contract have been pulled, and Leidos and Black Hall now have a second shot to win the award, but it is not a sure thing.

Washington Technology reports:

Leidos and Black Hall Aerospace will get a second shot at a $25.5 billion logistics contract now that the Army has decided to pull back awards to the six original winners and conduct a new evaluation.

Leidos and Black Hall filed protests with the Government Accountability Office shortly after they failed to win spots on the Worldwide Logistics Support Services contract when it was awarded in April.

After moving through GAO’s process for several weeks, the Army pulled the awards….

The contract will be used for a wide range logistics services including support, maintenance support, supply support, aircraft and flight operations, training, training aids, engineering services and contractor field teams.

Leidos and Black Hall have their second chance at the award but it is no guarantee. They may win an award this time or they might not.

Balch & Bingham had represented Black Hall as the Huntsville-based aerospace company lobbied on Capitol Hill to have Russian sanctions changed. The sanctions were successfully modified in November of 2015.

Black Hall alleges Balch fired the aerospace client abruptly last year after our initial reporting.

We have called on the federal government repeatedly to conduct a forensic audit of Black Hall Aerospace, especially since they were the beneficiary of federal monies as a subcontractor to aerospace giant Leidos. The skyrocketing revenue growth by Black Hall looks unusual.

We, the CDLU, appear to have spurred three different federal probes of the aerospace company.

The legal dispute between Oleg Sirbu, the Soviet immigrant who allegedly owned AAL USA, Inc. and Paul Daigle, the CEO of Black Hall Aerospace was settled this past spring.