Evidence Tampering or We Just Can’t Find It?

We can’t find it. We just can’t find it!

Kyle Whitmire of AL.com challenged us all to review the billing statements of Balch & Bingham that he posted on Scribd.

Starting on page 29 of the first batch, we looked at billing statements from November and December 2014.


On December 1, 2014, indicted Balch & Bingham partner Joel Gilbert dispatched a letter of intimidation to GASP, the health and environmental public charity that they tried to undercut by allegedly buying a politician for $360,000.

It appears that Gilbert may have been on vacation the week of Thanksgiving, because his last billing is for Friday, November 21, 2014. The letter is dated December 1, 2014, a Monday, but nothing shows up in the December billings.

Evidence tampering or we just can’t find it?

Then again, maybe prosecutors need to look at an example of the alleged alteration of evidence in the Newsome Conspiracy Case—Balch & Bingham’s other quagmire.

Nothing should surprise them. Nothing.

Interestingly, in the letter of intimidation to GASP, Gilbert demands copies of GASP’s IRS 990 filings.  Yet, in late October of 2014, Gilbert had already obtained copies of some of those 990s and reviewed them according to Balch’s billing records.

Intimidation, it was.