Star Chamber: Judge Smitherman Implodes; Implicates Family

In the Newsome Conspiracy Case, Judge Carole Smitherman was angry, seething in the secret Star Chamber hearing where she refused to recuse herself.

She lashed out at Newsome. She continually interrupted Newsome and his lawyer. And she repeatedly talked down to them in anger.

She unequivocally affirmed the appearance of reckless bias and alleged judicial misconduct.

We always knew anger is the enemy of logic.

And Judge Smitherman may have had a Freudian slip of the mouth. According to the transcript, Smitherman said to Newsome:

You have attacked my family unfairly, and that is wrong. You and the person who you said you didn’t know and you had nothing to do with this website that you sent all over America.

Why would she so stupidly implicate her entire family?

Do her daughters have something to do with the hidden shenanigans and $30,000 in cash contributions? Is there more to investigate in this Freudian slip? A family affair?

We understand one daughter is a paid consultant on both her and her husband’s political campaigns.

Obviously, in her rambling outburst she is angrily speaking about and us, the CDLU.

As advocates who provide a voice to the voiceless, we work to end miscarriages of justice, unconscionable business practices, and inept conduct by government agencies.

Our reporting about the allegations, the unsavory conduct, the criminal trial, and the secretive Star Chamber may ruffle feathers.

But these feathers, for the most part, are dirty and smell of corruption. 

We asked almost a year ago, “Will Carole Smitherman be the Next Oliver Robinson?

With her husband sitting in on the secretive Star Chamber hearings,  thousand of dollars greasing her and her husband’s campaigns, and her blatant bias in the Star Chamber, the question now is:

Will Both Smithermans be the Next Oliver Robinson?