Day 3: Balch Still Hides Behind Attorney-Client Privilege

The shenanigans are spilling out in court.

Our sources tell us prosecutors grilled Balch employees about invoices that removed any and all references to Oliver Robinson’s foundation.

Kent Faulk of confirms this in a tweet, writing that a prosecutor “continues to go over emails requesting checks … one that says in bold ‘do not reference Oliver Robinson Foundation’ on invoice. She was told not to reference by Gilbert.

So what were they hiding? A bribery scheme? A bought-and-paid-for politician?

Worse is Balch’s hiding behind attorney-client privilege.

Kyle Whitmire tweets, “On redirect from prosecution, Balch COO says that Balch & Drummond are still asserting atty-client privilege on documents related to this case. The list of documents, a ‘privilege log,’ is 126 pages long.”

As we wrote in early April:

With the President angered about the raid against his attorney, Michael Cohen, and the U.S. Attorney Office in the Southern District of New York responding to a referral from the Office of the Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, the action sends a clear message to insiders and those who hide behind attorney-client privilege to engage in alleged unsavory if not criminal conduct: you will be investigated regardless of your status or political influence.