Balch vs. Balch

We know about some of the great and honorable partners at Balch & Bingham who truly have been hurt by the alleged unsavory, racist, and criminal conduct by a few bad apples at the firm.

In Atlanta, a controversy has exploded over the high legal fees paid to a law firm to investigate a first-class junket to South Africa.

And who offered the most ethical, most honorable, most insightful observations on the matter? A Balch & Bingham partner.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

Mike Bowers, a former Georgia attorney general and partner at Balch & Bingham, said officials were right to question the cost of fees charged by law firm Sidley Austin.

“That’s a ton of money for lawyers’ fees, whether it is in Washington, D.C., or Atlanta, Georgia,” Bowers said.

But Bowers, who led the state investigation of standardized test cheating at Atlanta Public Schools, said the matter demands a thorough review.

“It’s public money, a significant amount, being spent on a public official doing something that is questionable,” he said. “Those are the sorts of elements that wave a red flag and say, ‘Look at it.’”

The matter demands a thorough review.

Maybe Mr. Bowers should suggest Balch investigate the Mississippi subcontract matter and the unconstitutional and secretive Star Chamber in the Burt Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Both matters involve public officials and public monies spent and both matters truly demand a thorough review.