RICO Suave

When Southern Company’s CEO Tom Fanning was doing a triple toe loop performance at Southern’s annual shareholders meeting in Pine Mountain, Georgia last Wednesday, anonymous sources tell us that Burt Newsome’s legal team was up the road in Atlanta meeting with the nation’s foremost RICO attorney.

This is an enormous development and may indicate that the wolves and vultures we wrote about in January could be investigating in detail the Newsome Conspiracy Case, the alleged corruption of the Alabama judicial system, and the unconstitutional and secretive Star Chamber.

Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., the lead Balch & Bingham partner defending the firm in the Newsome case, who lied about us, didn’t know about us, and fought for a Star Chamber at the height of two federal probes, appears to have seriously fumbled the ball.

And no one at Balch is screaming Roll Tide or War Eagle, over the fumble.

Gerardo’s one-hit-wonder from 1991 comes to mind, “Rico Suave.”

Delicious and smooth.

That’s what RICO attorneys may say if and when indicted Balch partners Gilbert and McKinney are convicted this summer.


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