Wolves and Vultures

One of the most interesting contacts we received before Christmas was from a prominent lawyer on the West Coast who is interested in filing a possible RICO action centered on the questionable political contributions made to Alabama State Senator Rodger Smitherman, the husband of Judge Carole Smitherman who created the secretive and unconstitutional Star Chamber in the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

This esteemed member of the bar filed one of the firstĀ  RICO actions in the South decades ago, and has an expertise on RICO that is unmatched.

In addition, we were approached by other attorneys who were seeking our insight as they consider filing a RICO action for damages to property values of the poor African-Americans in North Birmingham who were suppressed from having their toxic and contaminated property tested.

Although Balch could vigorously defend themselves, the cost of these types of actions is not so much the monetary cost or even the success of a final vindication; it is the cost to the brand, the firm, its partners, its clients, and its clients’ institutional investors who would see this as a huge, entangling, and toxic development.

Just like we scratch our heads about why Balch never responded to our emails or phone calls a year ago, we also scratch our heads about why Balch never settled the Newsome Conspiracy Case last March when they fired the alleged mastermind of the conspiracy.

Now, instead, the wolves and vultures are waiting in the dark, salivating as they hear about each sweet morsel of Balch’s misfortune and missteps.


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