Curse of the AT&T Letter

We have written about this document twice before, last summer, and in October, but now the CDLU has learned  from anonymous sources that the letter that Robert Ronnlund dispatched in January of 2016 to AT&T in the Newsome Conspiracy Case could become the catalyst for a possible settlement.

We do not know what is going on in the Star Chamber and neither do our anonymous sources, but we understand the letter is the most difficult item to justify, explain, or even dismiss.

Ronnlund, whose wife was a Balch partner at the time the letter was written, appears to have engaged in what looks like criminal obstruction of justice.

Why did Ronnlund do this? Was he encouraged to do so by Balch partners or any of the alleged co-conspirators?

It was AT&T phone records that linked all the co-conspirators together last June.

Newsome’s legal team obtained the letter after requesting not only phone records, but all correspondence related to the phone records.