Merry Christmas for the Newsome Children

When we learned about the Newsome Conspiracy Case over a year ago, we were moved by the smiling faces of Burt Newsome’s children.

Unfortunately, all the shenanigans, all of the legal maneuvers, the Star Chamber, and the alleged unethical or criminal conduct impact those children more than anyone else.

Did Clark A. Cooper, a Balch partner who allegedly wrote to Newsome’s clients directly, an alleged breach of professional conduct, ever think about Newsome’s family?

When Judge Carole Smitherman sealed the case since its inception and created an unconstitutional and secretive Star Chamber, did Newsome’s children ever enter her mind?

Did Balch, prolonging instead of resolving this case, ever consider the harm done against these four children?

All of the alleged co-conspirators and their legal representatives are fathers, mothers, aunts or uncles, and in some cases grandparents. During this season of peace and joy, we hope they reflect on their actions.

The case of a powerful silk-stocking, prestigious law firm versus a small-town sole-practitioner lawyer, father of four young children sprouted enormously in 2017.

From scrubbing the successful change of Russian sanctions to the alleged suppression of African-American property owners, from questionable BP subcontracts in Mississippi to the indictment of  two Balch partners, the tentacles are never ending.

We wish  all of our readers a very blessed and Merry Christmas! We will return after the beginning of the new year.

Until 2018…