Southern Company,  Spotlight on Balch & Bingham

Sickening! Crosswhite Allegedly Sought Photographic Evidence of Bisexual Tryst Involving Fanning

Tom Fanning, as the surveillance proved, is a heterosexual male.

Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite allegedly had agents spy on his boss Tom Fanning, Chairman and CEO of Southern Company, to obtain photographic evidence that Fanning was bisexual, according to sources familiar with the surveillance that occurred in 2017.

The move completely backfired because Fanning is not bisexual and surveillance obtained were only of Fanning’s then-girlfriend.

Although Alabama Power has stated (through a Southern Company spokesperson) that they did not pay for the surveillance, media reports allege that Matrix, the obscure political consulting firm working on behalf of Alabama Power, hired the eye-spies.

Is Alabama Power weasel-wording the truth?

Matrix and its founder, Sloppy Joe Perkins, have received millions per year in payments from Alabama Power without the need of invoicing.

Since there apparently are no clear billing or invoice records, will Alabama Power and Crosswhite continue to deny the acts ever occurred? Are they engaging in plausible deniability?

Why spy on Fanning and his intimate private life?

An observer states that Fanning was highly vulnerable in 2017 with two Southern Company boondoggles: the Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant in Georgia and the Kemper Project in Mississippi both of which had cost overruns in the tens of billions.

Photographs of Fanning having relations with a boy toy could have been used to oust him or even blackmail him to resign.

But Tom Fanning, as the surveillance proved, is a heterosexual male.

Crosswhite more than ever is unfit to serve. He appears to show unwavering loyalty to Balch, Matrix, Mark White, and a web of non-disclosure agreements, blank checks, front groups, pay throughs, and secret contracts instead of Fanning or Southern Company.

Southern Company must cut the ropes with this alleged posse of deplorable and disloyal actors, who appear to be bald-face liars. Terminate Balch. Terminate Matrix. Terminate Sloppy Joe. Terminate White. Fire Crosswhite!

In October of 2018, Tom Fanning married Sarah Novascone at a beautiful seaside wedding in Maine and lived happily ever after. ?


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