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California Dreamin’: Another Top Notch African-American Lawyer Dumps Balch & Bingham

The alleged racist and embattled law firm Balch & Bingham has lost one of their rising stars, Shalyn McKitt, an African-American lawyer who lasted a mere 14-months at the firm.

While Balch’s managing partner Stan Blanton was busy collecting make-believe awards for diversity and inclusion, McKitt was preparing her exit.

A year ago, Balch was praising McKitt who was appointed Vice Chair of DRI Young Lawyers Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee.

As always, Balch has wiped their site clean of McKitt. She is now a ghost of Christmas past.

Balch has only 15 attorneys who are people of color, and average one attorney who is a person of color per office. Some offices have one to three attorneys who are people of color, while some have none.

99 percent of Balch partners are white.

And foolishly, Mark A. Crosswhite, the embattled Chairman and CEO of Alabama Power, continues to generously subsidize the alleged racist law firm.

Regurgitating diversity and inclusion is worthless when you refuse to apologize to the African-American residents of North Birmingham for immoral and criminal misconduct by a former partner.

We wish Shalyn the best of luck. Sources tell us she has moved to Los Angeles, the city where we, the CDLU, started 21 years ago.


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