Balch’s Alleged Racism Hung Dead and Dissolved in Vincent, Alabama

Two years ago today, Balch political stooges who supported the alleged whites-only land grab in Vincent, Alabama were humiliated and defeated in a landslide election that cleaned out the bastards from office when white and African-American voters united.

Now, this month, Vincent united again and reaffirmed a solid stand against the alleged racism that Balch appeared to have openly embraced a decade ago.

NPR reports:

An Alabama police department was disbanded last week after a racist text message sent by one of its three officers surfaced on social media.

The police chief and the assistant police chief were suspended, city of Vincent Mayor James Latimer confirmed to NPR. Then, the city council voted to dissolve the entire department — a move the mayor is calling “a reversible decision.” The remaining officer subsequently resigned, Latimer said.

The city will be relying on the greater Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to respond to emergency calls during the span of a year, according to the mayor.

Vincent is about a 45-minute drive from Birmingham. Less than 2,000 residents live there, 85% of whom are white and 12% of whom are Black.

The disgusting and racist text was about slavery.

What irony!

As we wrote in 2018:

The CDLU met with residents of Vincent, Alabama who allege adamantly that Balch & Bingham lawyers (and their public relations stooges) spearheaded the strategic purchase of farm land and the fast-as-lightening re-zoning of said land,  and oversaw the lucrative transactions for a client called White Rock Quarries, starting almost a decade ago.

The outrage they allege is that only white land owners were approach for land purchases while African-Americans were not; worse many of these African-Americans were older, senior citizens, descendants of slaves.

The quarry company allegedly considered moving historic slave graves according to local news reports.

With their rear appendages handed to them two years ago, the rock quarry project was shut down.

Like the voters of Vincent, corporate America has united against Balch’s alleged racism and tokenism no matter what window dressing or make-believe awards Balch regurgitates.

Hang ’em dead, they say. Hang ’em dead.

Now defunct Vincent rock quarry next to African-American church, Evangel Temple.