Turkey Carcass! Is Balch Choking on Eggnog?

The stunning news of legacy partner Rob Fowler’s unannounced departure from embattled law firm Balch & Bingham has set the legal community ablaze.

What could cause a long-time veteran of environmental law to depart abruptly?

Sources claim Fowler has left allegedly to become inside counsel at Bluestone, the controversial coal operator in Jefferson County that was shut down recently.

If true, that would be an enormous step down.

Other sources say possible ongoing federal investigations, Alabama Power’s upcoming troubles with the Miller Steam Plant, and an alleged severe drop in revenue may be hammering the once-prestigious, silk-stocking law firm.

Last week, sources at Balch tell us our post about the need for sensible leadership at the firm is provoking more internal reflection and some career despair among Balch partners and attorneys.

Balch’s failure to clean up the ugly ghosts and misdeeds from the past has left a law firm that looks like the carcass of an after-Thanksgiving turkey.

Wishing you, our dear readers, a Happy Thanksgiving!