Crosswhite Stands Nervously Silent as January 6th Inquiry Escalates

This morning Trump’s once top advisor Steve Bannon surrendered himself to law enforcement over his refusal to testify before the January 6th congressional inquiry. Two weeks ago, The Washington Post published an in-depth series on the insurrection.

The spotlight on January 6th is escalating. And the behind-the-scenes decision makers are being exposed.

In 2016 during a media interview, former Balch partner and now Alabama Power Chairman and CEO Mark A. Crosswhite boasted :

For years I had been deeply involved in helping with the decision-making process, in offering recommendations, courses of action, but I was never involved in the final decision-making and when the chance came to cross over from the legal side to the business side that is why I did it.

Crosswhite likes to be the final decision maker, the boss, the top man,  El Gran Jefe.

Now the “most powerful man in Alabama” is facing heat for Alabama Power’s $25,000 blood-money donation to the Rule of Law Defense Fund in 2020 whose robo calls allegedly helped spur the January 6th insurrection (some have called it a “domestic terrorist attack”) that included the desecration of the U.S. Capitol.

Steve Marshall

The donation was the largest for the year from the Alabama Power Federal Employee PAC. Allegedly Crosswhite directed the donation because he was allegedly solicited by his political ally Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall.

The Rule of Law Defense Fund is part of the Republican Attorneys General Association which Marshall heads.

In February, we pointed out that Crosswhite had remained silent and now, nine months later, he still is quiet as a lethargic mouse.

Crosswhite knew better, but dropped the cheese ball.

As we said in February, Crosswhite should have publicly distanced his company from the insurrection, calling the domestic terrorist attack for what it was: an ugly stain, a crime, absolutely revolting, and truly un-American. Crosswhite should have declared unequivocally that the robocalls and contribution were a grave mistake and should have apologized on behalf of Alabama Power.

Should have. Could Have. Would have.

The great final-decision maker lost his intestinal fortitude and has remain hidden surrounded by his yes-men and yes-women.

Although Crosswhite allegedly feels he will be the next Chairman and CEO of Southern Company when Tom Fanning supposedly retires next year, Fanning’s exit has yet to be confirmed out of Atlanta.

Meanwhile, down in Alabama, irrefutable and verifiable documentation is allegedly being gathered that could rattle Balch & Bingham boosters, Alabama Power, and may bring an early retirement for El Gran Jefe.

No me digas!