Mississippi Controversy,  Spotlight on Balch & Bingham

Inhumane! Balch Evicts Habitat for Humanity Resident at Height of Pandemic

Could Balch’s Mississippi Rental Assistance Debacle get any uglier?

In September of 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and months away from the FDA approval of the first vaccine, Balch & Bingham attorneys in Mississippi evicted a resident from a Habitat for Humanity home.

Even though a federal eviction moratorium was in place, Balch attorneys apparently tossed the alleged senior citizen out of the home!

Balch’s Ann Bailey signed the Notice to Vacate

Called “The Pimps of Mississippi,” Balch, the evictor and collector, received millions in contractual cronyism to allegedly distribute federal rental assistance funds and to manage another federal program to prevent foreclosures, according to a September exposé by The Washington Post.

Mississippi residents in need received practically nothing in assistance. The government-made millionaires at Balch had only distributed a mere 11 percent of $186 million in federal assistance, according to the Post.

We, the CDLU, have reviewed court cases in the 82 counties of Mississippi since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020 and the results against Balch & Bingham appear to be painfully damaging and embarrassing. The findings are being provided to multiple federal and congressional investigators.

In June of 2020, as most Americans were locked down in their homes, Balch dispatched a letter to the resident of a home in Mississippi demanding that he vacate and notifying him that he would be evicted.

The man, according to court records, took possession of the home in January of 2020. However, he never signed a lease/purchase agreement. Six months later, at the height of the lock down, Balch began eviction proceedings.

In September of 2020, Balch filed for and obtained a warrant against the alleged senior citizen even though a federal moratorium was in place.

Like most readers and investigators who have seen the hard evidence, we are in utter disbelief.

The embattled law firm has been involved in so many alleged unsavory and criminal schemes, there are no words to describe this latest revolting act.


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