Devastated! Roberson Family Utterly Destroyed; “Set Up” Allegations Grow

In six months, ex-Drummond executive David Roberson will have to report to federal prison.

After having to sell the family home and all his personal possessions in a humiliating estate sale, Roberson will no longer receive monthly social security checks once he reports to prison.

His family will be broke. Devastated.

What will this mean to his autistic son? What could this do to his wife Anna who has attempted suicide twice? His daughter is a teacher. Will she survive the emotional toll?

Two suicide attempts

Roberson, a biologist, saved Drummond Company over $100 million during his employment. Regardless of one’s opinion on Drummond or environmental issues, David Roberson was a success and a loyal employee.

Even though Drummond vowed to back him after his conviction, six-months later ex-Drummond CEO Mike Tracy fired him, and days later stopped funding Roberson’s favorite charity, a school for children with special needs.


Maybe Roberson is finally seeing the alleged “set up” for what it is and that he appears to have been a pawn, duped to be “the fall guy.”

Drummond and Balch & Bingham ought to be ashamed.

We remind our readers that David Roberson had a full immunity deal if he had testified against others.

Why did his defense attorneys (being paid by Drummond Company) refuse the no-brainer deal?

Many are now asking: Whose interests were they truly protecting?

What does Roberson know and what can he sing? Are there more allegations of bribes and unsavory conduct?

Drummond Company makes billions. Roberson saved them millions. And then Roberson was simply tossed aside.

But now, without a doubt, the Roberson Family has been utterly destroyed by those they considered to be their long-time friends.

We understand that Roberson is a true gentleman and would never use this vulgar language.

That said, as the late Mayor of Washington, D.C. Marion Barry famously stated, “Bitch set me up . . . . I shouldn’t have come up here . . . goddamn bitch.”