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Rebirth Causes Uncontrolled Panic in Past 48 Hours; Scrutiny Escalating

We are not surprised by the uncontrolled panic exhibited by Drummond Company and Alabama Power in the past 48 hours caused by the rebirth of the North Birmingham Bribery Case.

But still, the developments are stunning.

  • On Wednesday evening, Drummomd Company filed an emergency motion to stay discovery in the rebirth case with the Alabama Supreme Court before the local judge in Jefferson County had even ruled on their emergency motion. Drummond attempted to leap-frog local jurisdiction.
  • Earlier that day, Alabama Power and Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite objected to discovery and intent for deposition requests by Roberson.
  • In Drummond’s pleading before the Alabama Supreme Court, Alabama Power and Crosswhite are mentioned as an example of the “burden and expense” the rebirth is causing.
  • Yesterday morning, Steven McKinney, the former Balch & Bingham partner who was indicted but acquitted in the North Birmingham Bribery Criminal Trial, also objected to discovery and intent to deposition requests like his old friend Crosswhite.
  • Late yesterday afternoon, Judge Tamara Johnson in Jefferson County ruled against Drummond’s emergency stay and filed a well-thought-out ruling also provided to the Alabama Supreme Court.
  • Judge Johnson noted how Drummond had already commenced their own discovery and deposition requests and, thus, could not request a stay.
  • Judge Johnson also mentioned the depostion of Crosswhite and production of documents from Alabama Power. She wrote, “The Court FINDS that a motion to Quash or modify the aforementioned subpoenas, properly requested and based on a defined reason, i.e., privilege or relevance, for example, is more appropriate than an all-encompassing Motion to Stay Discovery, particularly once discovery has begun by the Party requesting the Stay.”

Obviously, the world now knows that discovery, production of documents, and depositions in the rebirth case appear to be paramount.

The panic has raised even more questions.

  • Could evidence found or testimony given be severely damaging not only to the Drummond family, but to Alabama Power and their sister-wife Balch & Bingham?
  • Is the “burden and expense” of seeking justice under the rule of law a threat to Mark A. Crosswhite’s grip at Alabama Power?
  • Was the unneeded citing of Alabama Power and Crosswhite in Drummond’s pleading an arrogant and overt message to the Alabama Supreme Court not to upset the “most powerful man in Alabama?”

To cap the madness of the panic from the past 48 hours, a veteran Balch & Bingham partner announced he was running for a seat on the Alabama Supreme Court in 2022. The announcement was made the same day as Drummond’s filing before the court. (Who for heaven’s sake announces their candidacy two years in advance and right before the Christmas holidays?)

The panic, the squirming, the whining, the posturing proves that a new investigation from the federal government is warranted.

Michael S. Regan

Yesterday, media reported President-elect Joe Biden has chosen Michael S. Regan as his EPA Administrator.

Regan “would play a central role in realizing Biden’s promises to combat climate change, embrace green energy and address environmental racism,” according to The Washington Post.

The North Birmingham Bribery Scandal is the epitome of environmental racism.

Once again, we strongly encourage the panicking parties to view the Rebirth of the North Birmingham Bribery Case from a long-term, bird’s-eye, big picture perspective.

No matter how the Alabama Supreme Court rules, or no matter what pleading Drummond, Alabama Power, or the supporting cast file next, scrutiny is only escalating.


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