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Kings at Balch Lose Prestige Over Newsome Conspiracy Case

[This post originally appeared two years ago on September 26, 2018.  With a recently orchestrated campaign that has backfired horrendously, the dumb-as-rocks terrorization of  the wrong family, and the brain amputation of a once-respected journalist, Balch & Bingham defenders, boosters, and buffoons appear to have cost the firm more than prestige. With Burt Newsome almost killed and criminal acts on the rise, let us not be surprised when these same defenders, boosters, and buffoons sit around at a conference table wondering aloud,  filled with rage, “Where have all of Balch’s clients and partners gone?”]

We are still in disbelief that a defender of Balch & Bingham would irresponsibly compare the gross misconduct of targeting African-American children in North Birmingham to the atrocities of Nazis.

Have Balch spin doctors gone over the edge, lost their minds? 

Maybe the firm is suffering from an anxious work environment as clients appear to flee, some money-making partners have bailed, and Balch’s reputation appears to crumble.

How did the Kings at Balch & Bingham lose prestige?

The loss of prestige comes not only from the criminal convictions in the North Birmingham Bribery Case, but the questionable actions in the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Let’s look at some hypothetical questions regarding other prestigious law firms in Birmingham:

Would Burr Forman have defended an alleged criminal conspiracy after firing the partner who spearheaded the scheme?

Would Bradley Arant have fought for a secretive Star Chamber after the co-conspirators allegedly funneled questionable campaign contributions to the judge and judge’s husband?

Would  Maynard, Cooper, & Gale be allegedly paying for the defense of the co-conspirators and condoning alleged obstruction of justice?

Would Lightfoot, Franklin & White risk a firm-crippling million-dollar civil RICO judgment rather than settling the matter?

Absolutely not!

The aforementioned law firms would never be involved in this kind of behavior in an alleged attempt to steal the business of a sole-practitioner nor would they litigate the matter for four six long and damaging years.

Prestige is earned by exemplifying inherent goodness and the highest professional standards.

Even the King of the Beaux Arts Krewe should understand that.


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