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Norfolk Southern, Balch, and the Head-On Crash Into Burt Newsome

The accident report of the mysterious car wreck that almost took the life of Iron Man Burt Newsome appears to confirm that the driver of an SUV, who made a left turn in front of Newsome instead of yielding to oncoming traffic, apparently made an abrupt right turn shortly thereafter, hitting Newsome head-on.

The photo above appears to confirm the fact, raising the question:

Was Iron Man Newsome an alleged victim of a possible crime?

In Alabama, they say there are no such things as coincidences.

In 2018, we uncovered that the police officer who participated in the alleged staged arrest of Burt Newsome was the son of a long-time Alabama Power executive and Balch & Bingham client.

In July, we were warned by law enforcement, as an entity and as individuals, to take precautions after Balch defenders began an orchestrated campaign to attack us, the CDLU, and Burt Newsome. The orchestrated campaign became a humiliating spectacle of uncontrolled stupidity by Balch defenders.

The driver of the vehicle that struck Newsome is an employee of Norfolk Southern, the railroad company that hauls coal among other items.

Norfolk Southern, Alabama Power, Balch & Bingham, and Drummond are all members of the Alabama Coal Association, Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, and Business Council of Alabama.

Now investigators are looking closely at these ties and drilling down.

And yes, Norfolk Southern does have direct ties to Balch’s shenanigans.

Weeks ago, on August 25, 2020, the residents of Vincent, Alabama united together and gave a resounding defeat to Balch & Bingham stooges who had rammed through a polluting rock quarry after an alleged “whites-only” land grab a decade ago.

According to news reports from 2014, the Arkwright District of Vincent was ready to be listed on the National Historic Register but Balch and their client, White Rock Quarries, fought back.

And who was one of the key landowners to object to the historic listing?

Norfolk Southern.

From the 2014 news report from the Trussville Tribune:

“The park service determined that Arkwright was eligible to be listed, but the majority of the landowners objected. So therefore it could not be listed as anything other than eligible,” Wofford said.

The landowners in question are CSX Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railroad, Vandiver Steel Fabrication and two private homeowners.

“White Rock Quarries, a non-owner, was represented by attorney Jim Noles of Balch and Bingham located in Birmingham, Alabama, who represented himself as counsel for CSX Railroad and Norfolk Southern Railroad, as well,” [Vincent activist Anne] Gibbons wrote.

Numerous efforts to reach Noles for a comment went unanswered.

Just a coincidence, you dare say, or another humiliating spectacle of uncontrolled stupidity?


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