The Walking Dead: Trump Kills Balch’s “Comeback” Zombie

President Donald Trump has had enough of the filthy swamp of Alabama.

In an unprecedented, earth-shattering move, the President endorsed the opponent of Balch & Bingham’s stooge Jeff Sessions, who is running for his old seat in the U.S. Senate.

Sessions was the symbolic figurehead of the resurgence, the “comeback” zombie of Balch & Bingham and their Siamese twin Alabama Power, who had hoped to once again walk among the most powerful.

Now Sessions and his cronies are among the walking dead.

Once at the pinnacle of power, Balch appears to be in the deepest, darkest bowels of disgrace.

Anything Balch touches appears to turn into excrement, and the President knows it; the public knows it; and even Balch’s closest allies know it.

No fluffy public relations spin, no footprint expansion by one or two attorneys, no new hires of freshmen attorneys can counter the new reality: Balch & Bingham is no longer the feared, powerful law firm that attracted the pillars of business and the top attorneys in their fields of practice.

Balch legacy partner Jesse S. Vogtle left Balch in January joining over a dozen money-making partners that have unceremoniously dumped the embattled firm. Balch appears to have lost millions of dollars in fees to competitors.

Trump’s very first appointment, former Balch partner Jeffrey H. Wood, was shown the door by U.S. Attorney General William Barr over a year ago. And now as a final insult, the President has sealed the fate of Jeff Sessions, a Balch zombie who appears to have become a has-been.

So what is Balch’s legacy?

  • The targeting of poor black children in North Birmingham?
  • The birthplace of a bribery and money laundering scheme?
  • The ” staged” arrest of Burt Newsome?
  • The creation of an unconstitutional and corrupt Star Chamber?
  • The political death of Jeff Sessions?

Maybe all of the above…and more.