No Rx Coverage: Drummond’s Horrific Betrayal

After David Roberson, the Vice President of Government Affairs at Drummond Company, was convicted allegedly because of Balch & Bingham’s untruthful legal advice, Drummond issued a public statement calling him a “man of integrity” and vowed to support him.

Behind closed doors, Drummond allegedly promised to provide Roberson with legal representation, full-salary compensation, and health benefits until his appeal process was completed.

David Roberson:
“The Fall Guy”

Instead, David Roberson was fired last February.

We learned that his healthcare benefits were terminated and now his family has to pay thousands of dollars for prescription drugs.

After selling the family home, organizing an estate sale, liquidating all of their possessions including Christmas decorations, the Robersons, a respected family in Mountain Brook, have been put near the brink of an emotional and financial collapse.

Drummond, which makes hundreds of millions in operations around the globe, appears to have jumped in bed with Balch & Bingham. Now the Robersons’ health has been impacted as they struggle financially.

David Roberson, whose work made Drummond millions, was kicked to the curb because he appears to have been the “fall guy” for Balch and Drummond.

As we reported in November, Drummond Company allegedly hid money laundering and the secret greasing of Balch stooges from Roberson.

Richard Mullen, the new CEO of Drummond, who took over on November 1, 2019, has yet to resolve Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit.

Days before Mullen took the helm, Balch threw Drummond under the bus.

In addition, Balch foolishly attempted to badger the judge who presides over the case, demanding a motion to dismiss, but their acts of desperation were returned with stunning silence.

Mullen, who may be consistently told to wait and see by Drummond attorneys, should take charge, stop the hourly clock, and wrap up this ugly affair.

The unholy alliance between Drummond and Balch should end, and Drummond should quietly and privately show unwavering loyalty to an unwavering loyal employee and let Roberson and his wife afford the prescription drugs they need.