Another Top Balch Attorney Bails

After a devastating $19.5 million verdict loss, Balch & Bingham has suffered another loss.

According to E&E News:

Karl Moor on Monday [December 2, 2019] joined the Office of Air and Radiation as a deputy assistant administrator, the [ EPA] agency confirmed this morning. Once a staffer in the Reagan administration and on Capitol Hill, Moor has in recent decades fought stricter environmental protections and climate policies in court.

In 2016, Moor joined Balch as counsel in the environment and natural resources unit. In his career, he has also participated in litigation against pollution and climate initiatives involving the New Source Review pre-construction permitting program and EPA’s authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.

While some other law firms may be in the process of cherry-picking Balch’s environmental lawyers, it appears now that some veteran Balch associates are truly looking for greener or more prestigious pastures.

Balch used to be respected, honorable, and reliable; even feared in some circles. Now Balch appears to have become a laughing stock in legal circles; a piñata for the holidays.

We wish Karl all the best in his new position and Feliz Navidad!