Drummond’s Turkey: Feds Interested in New Allegations

Did Drummond Company really think no one would find out?

The bombshell allegations that Drummond allegedly hid money laundering and the hiring of two Balch & Bingham stooges from their former Vice-President of Government Affairs David Roberson has spread like wildfire and now federal authorities out of Washington, D.C. are interested.

And we aren’t simply talking about Main Justice. We are talking about law enforcement authorities in regulatory agencies, including mining and the environment.

Walking in goose-step with the clowns at Balch & Bingham, former Drummomd CEO Mike Tracy betrayed his close friend Roberson. If the allegations are true, was Tracy covering his own rear appendages? Was Roberson simply “the fall guy?” Why did Tracy abruptly “retire?”

After badgering the judge repeatedly in recent weeks, in a sign of panic and anxiety, Balch and Drummond have recently filed an avalanche of pleadings in Roberson’s now $75 million civil lawsuit.

Drummond shouldn’t be concerned about the proceedings out of Jefferson County; new Drummond CEO Richard Mullen should be more concerned about the possible criminal probes percolating out of D.C. and tell Balch to take a flying fig and swiftly jump off the train.

A train apparently headed right off the Cliffs of Moher.