Striking a Raw Nerve…

This weekend, our website was under fierce cyber attack with alerts coming multiple times.

Yesterday, there were over 1,000 attacks in less than an hour. 257 attacks in 10 minutes from the Netherlands.

We haven’t been under attack in over two years since June of 2017.

What could have possibly spurred the renewed cyber attacks? Our reporting of Drummond Company’s cutting off David Roberson’s charity of choice only 12 days after firing him.

The charity of choice was a school that helps special needs and autistic children.

Besides the hackers, thousands of readers have also tuned in over the weekend.

Our Facebook post on the matter has surged a battle of nasty words between Drummond supporters and Drummond adversaries.

Drummond CEO Mike Tracy now has probably come to the realization that the firing of David Roberson after vowing to support the “man of integrity” was a dumb decision, and the petty and vindictive decision to cut off Roberson’s charity of choice was even dumber.

As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney reacted after hearing the news about Drummond’s petty decision to dump the school for autistic children, “What a**h****!”

Thousands more now agree.

Our Original Post From June 7, 2017:

Ever since the CDLU reached out to Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, our website has been under cyber attack with thousands of bots attempting to either overwhelm or hack our site.  The picture above is a graphic of the total IP addresses blocked from 10 countries in just a couple of hours. Of  all the websites we have operated in 16 years, this is the first full-throttle cyber attack we have ever witnessed. We have struck a raw nerve.