Bombshell: Balch Stooges in JeffCo Try to Screw Newsome with Incomplete Record of Appeal

In what looks like a deliberate attempt to carry out another unbelievable act of injustice in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, the Circuit Court Clerk of Jefferson County left out thousands of pages of responses and transcripts from Burt Newsome’s defense.

In a motion filed today with the Alabama Supreme Court, Newsome’s legal team writes:

In volume 30 of the record of appeal, document numbers 1358 to 2110 from the Circuit Court are missing. These records contain all of Appellant’s responses to the defendants summary judgment motions that were filed by the as well as some other pleadings. The transcripts from the hearing on the summary judgment motions and the hearing on the defendant’s motion for attorney fees under the Alabama Litigation Accountability Act were left out of the record on appeal as well.

Do Balch stooges in Jefferson County honestly think they would get away with this blatant act of sheer stupidity?

Mind you these were not thousands of pages of missing random pages; these were specific and intentional missing pages of Newsome’s arguments of defense and the transcripts of his oral arguments.

In those same missing transcripts, the Queen of the Star Chamber, Judge Carole Smitherman, foreshadowed the delays and shenanigans of the certified record of appeal.

The complete record should have been compiled in 28 days, but JeffCo took over six months to do so, and the shenanigans included a bogus order by Smitherman extending the certification by a month when she had no jurisdiction over the matter.

With this miscarriage, JeffCo has only solidified Newsome’s civil RICO suit.

Many in the Alabama judicial system are getting tired of Balch’s alleged corrupt acts and abuse of ex-partners and political allies, especially when they act this stupid and this blatant.

Smitherman and her husband received over $30,000 in questionable campaign contributions from Balch-linked entities or individuals during the Newsome Case, and she has consistently shown her unequivocal bias.

Today is a day of shame not only for JeffCo but for the rule of law.