What are They Hiding?

Balch & Bingham stooge Judge Carole Smitherman has done a great disservice to the legal profession and Alabama Judicial System by refusing to unseal the record of the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

The case does not involved a victim who was raped.

The case does not involve a juvenile or youth offender.

As one of Alabama’s top criminal attorneys who worked for the defense in the North Birmingham Bribery Case told us, Smitherman’s action in sealing the entire record is “extreme.”

Since no jury will hear the case, no jury will be tainted.

So we ask, what are they hiding?

We have been working diligently this past week, speaking to our contacts, investigators, and top legal minds.

Although we have written about allegations that appear to show criminal obstruction of justice, alteration of evidence, and the abuse under the color of authority, the strong speculation is that there are acts, once exposed, that would escalate the entire Newsome case from a conspiracy that carries civil liability into a criminal conspiracy that would obligate institutional changes in the legal system of Alabama.

And Balch is still in a state of denial.

Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., what have you done?

How long will the good, honorable, and professional partners at Balch (and respected clients) support an institution that appears to ignore best practices while fighting to the death over a case that should have been settled long ago?