What will Southern Company do in December?

A year ago today, Tom Fanning, CEO of Southern Company, personally called us and spoke about their commitment to “listening to the community” and  wanting to hear our concerns about Balch & Bingham, the Newsome Conspiracy Case, and the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal.

A year later, the entanglement of Southern Company in the Newsome Conspiracy Case has been solidly linked, and the civil RICO action and possible U.S. Congressional hearings to come in 2019 could only spell for further headaches and embarrassments for Fanning and friends.

Tom Fanning, who we believe is an inherently good man, could pick up the phone, now, today, this very moment and bring these matters to a close before the end of the year.

There appears to be a few (very few) at Balch who insist of fighting the inevitable: settlement of the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

At 462 days of existence, the secretive and unconstitutional Star Chamber in the Newsome matter, created by Judge Carole Smitherman under the insistence of Balch & Bingham, has manifested three hard facts:

  1. The manipulation of the judicial branch indeed occurred.
  2. The costs of the Newsome Conspiracy Case on all sides has expended into seven or eight figures. (This includes losses of partners and clients.)
  3. The abuse under the the color of authority make all 44 retaliatory orders signed by Judge Smitherman moot.

Enough about listening to the community, we say a year later.

With the conviction of two known acquaintances and having been briefed about the solid link between Southern Company and the Newsome case,  Tom Fanning needs to listen to his conscience and do the right thing.