Spotlight on Balch & Bingham

Balch’s P.R. Fluff Won’t End the Fallout

As the exodus of money-making Balch partners made headlines in the past  two weeks, Balch’s public relations department dispatched what looks like deceptive, inaccurate fluff.

On January 24th, Balch wrote in a news release, “Balch & Bingham LLP is pleased to announce that BTI Consulting Group has recognized the firm as a leader in client service in its Client Service A-Team 2018 report….”


BTI didn’t recognize the firm; BTI recognized one of Balch’s stellar partners, Gregory C. Cook, who was nominated by a professional services firm for his outstanding client service.

56 firms were recognized by BTI for having multiple outstanding attorneys; Balch & Bingham was not one of them.

Cook was one of 319 attorneys who “understand their client’s business like no other attorney.”  We congratulate him for making the list.

Balch, whose two partners were indicted last September and whose half of their paying D.C. lobbying clients bailed on them in 2017, just saw 10 partners leave the firm this past month.

BTI or any other rational observer would have never recognized the firm as a whole for outstanding client service in these times.

But then again maybe some idiot out there thinks allegedly funneling $360,000 in bribes to a corrupt politician to suppress African-Americans from getting ther toxic and contaminated property tested by the EPA or an alleged conspiracy wrongly targeting, falsely arresting, and defaming  a competitor truly is outstanding client service.


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