Balch, Bingham & Bribery

After this evening’s verdict, Balch & Bingham immediately fired convicted Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert.

Stan Blanton, managing partner, had the audacity to try to pivot the bribery scheme away from the firm, saying “our firm was not a party to the case.”

But one of Balch’s most loyal, dedicated equity partners was. Gilbert was a Balch & Bingham-made millionaire.

The bribery scheme, the invoicing, the bribery checks, the ghost-written letters were born at the offices of Balch & Bingham.

Although the firm was “not a party” to the case, Balch & Bingham appears to have been the genesis and backdrop for the bribery scheme.

Blanton’ s canned statement exemplifies the blind arrogance  and disingenuous words the firm will regurgitate to save face.

Blanton declares that he is “disappointed in any conduct that does not adhere to our commitment to the rule of law.”


Next week, let’s see how fast Blanton shuts down the secretive Star Chamber and ends the Newsome Conspiracy Case that not only appears to have broken the rule of law but is strickingly parallel to the corrupt behavior of the Oliver Robinson Bribery Criminal Case.

Actions truly speak louder than canned words.