Sister Wives: Balch and Southern Company

“Both entities [Southern Company and its subsidiary Alabama Power] share more relations with Balch than sister-wives. Executives at Southern and Balch swap out like Pokémon cards. Their little black book of political donees is Old Testament-thick.”— The Root

Balch & Bingham’s alleged acts of institutional racism have begun to deteriorate their number one client: Southern Company. Today’s brilliant expose’ on The Root, a popular online website for African-Americans, rips the Good Ole Boy shenanigans that allegedly suppressed African-Americans in North Birmingham, an area that is 92.5 percent African-American.

On November 30, 2017, Southern Company’s CEO Tom Fanning personally called CDLU’s Executive Director.

Now Fanning has the opportunity to be a hero or a villain.

Will Fanning override his General Counsel and call on Balch to apologize to the Black community? Will Fanning use his influence to have Balch settle the Newsome Conspiracy Case, shut down the unconstitutional Star Chamber, and force Balch to conduct a top-to-bottom review of the firm?

Or is Fanning going to condone the alleged racist and unscrupulous behavior of Southern Company’s alter-ego, sister-wife by remaining silent on the eve of their annual shareholders meeting at Callaway Gardens?

Balch & Bingham has created a dilemma, a real dilemma with national implications.