Alabama Anniversaries

This week marks significant anniversaries of the scandals and controversies surrounding Balch & Bingham.

Yesterday, February 28th marks the two-year anniversary in which then-U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions endorsed President  Donald Trump. Sessions was to have endorsed Trump at the Russian-linked aerospace company, Black Hall Aerospace Inc. a/k/a AAL USA Inc. but the venue was changed at the last moment.

Ironically, February 28th also marks the one-year anniversary in which we met with attorneys at Burr Forman who represent Oleg Sirbu, the Soviet immigrant who owns AAL USA Inc. a/k/a Black Hall Aerospace.

Tomorrow, March 2nd, is the one-year anniversary in which Balch & Bingham scrubbed their website of any reference to successfully changing Russian sanctions on behalf of Black Hall Aerospace Inc. and is the same day in which U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation.

Saturday, March 3rd marks the one-year anniversary in which Balch & Bingham fired Clark A. Cooper, the alleged mastermind of the Burt Newsome Conspiracy Case (yet failed to settle the matter at the same time).

Happy Anniversaries! Where should we send the roses?