Pure Hogwash and Phone Perjury

We told you so.

The statement that the pre-paid wireless phone number connecting all the alleged co-conspirators in the Newsome Conspiracy Case is a “routing switch” is pure hogwash.

Going to a major wireless carrier (T-Mobile), we found that the number central to the Newsome Conspiracy Case  is eligible for porting and available for transfer to another carrier.

Thus (205) 410-1494 is not a routing switch.

As we wrote in early October, by sealing the Newsome Conspiracy Case and conducting secret Star Chamber proceedings, we strongly believe Judge Carole Smitherman may be covering up alleged criminal acts and perjury.

Balch stated in court in early July that the single phone number connecting all the Newsome co-conspirators was at first from a telemarketer.

After we publicly ripped their foolishness, Balch and others then alleged it was a routing switch.

Anyone can call the phone number connecting the co-conspirators, (205) 410-1494,  the alleged “routing switch,” and you will hear a recording that says that the Verizon wireless phone number “has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service.”

During a deposition in late July,  Verizon officials tried to cover their rear appendages.

The “expert” allegedly representing Verizon acknowledged he had not researched if (205) 410-1494 could have been a Verizon pre-paid, burner phone and declared, “This is the first I’m hearing of it.” And then Verizon’s  corporate counsel affirmed saying, “He has no basis to dispute or not dispute.”

What will Balch & Bingham leaders do now? Will they finally adhere to the highest ethical standards as they promised in late September and hold those responsible for this ridiculous scheme accountable?