Damn Lies, Crimes, and Perjury

Two important questions: Why did Judge Carole Smitherman seal the entire Newsome Conspiracy Case five weeks ago without a hearing? Why are all proceedings now done in secret in a Star Chamber in Birmingham with no public access or public schedule available?

We strongly believe Smitherman may be covering up alleged criminal acts and perjury. She appears to have been duped by Balch & Bingham and the alleged co-conspirators.

Balch stated in court that a single phone number connecting all the Newsome co-conspirators was at first from a telemarketer.

After we publicly ripped their foolishness  (to the delight of the wine drinking, chattering class in Mountain Brook), Balch and others then alleged it was a routing switch.

Anyone can call the phone number connecting the co-conspirators, (205) 410-1494,  the alleged “routing switch,” and you will hear a recording that says that the Verizon wireless phone number “has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist in Huntsville to figure out that the “routing switch” narrative appears to be a damn lie.

Now we hope federal investigators and investigative journalists open the pandora box in the coming weeks.

And where should they start?

Since we have no new records, filings, or information available since August 31st,  we can look at a single piece of evidence that shows alleged criminal and truly unsettling conduct associated with the Newsome case: the letter to AT&T from 2016 .

The AT&T letter was drafted by an alleged co-conspirator’s attorney sent to prevent AT&T phone records (for another co-conspirator) from being released to Newsome or anyone else.

The letter affirms that the alleged co-conspirators obviously knew each other. So, we ask again, who perjured whom?

What looks like obstruction of justice, this letter demonstrates what damn lies these folks will say to impede justice and abuse the legal system.