Equal Protection Under the Law

We have some good news today.

With the alleged suppression of poor African-Americans in North Birmingham and the creation of a secretive and corrupt Star Chamber to allegedly hide perjury and possible criminal acts in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, Balch & Bingham partners need to be investigated and brought to justice for the alleged trampling of Civil Rights.

Civil Rights violations have a long history in Alabama and in 2017 the irony is that two African-Americans were allegedly used as tools to do the dirty work: Oliver Robinson and Judge Carole Smitherman.

Burt Newsome  was falsely arrested. The night before and the day of his arrest, according to court filings, there were multiple calls, including a 15 minute conversation allegedly between Clark A. Cooper,  a Balch partner, and the phone number linking all the co-conspirators.

On top of that, even the husband of a Balch & Bingham partner appears to have attempted to continue this egregious behavior by dispatching a misleading  letter to AT&T to prevent phone records from being released to Newsome’s legal team. We believe it looks like an intentional obstruction of justice.

The good news is Washington, DC is listening to us and there is now interest in these alleged violations of “equal protection under the law.”

Just as U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stumped his harshest critics by sending a hate crimes lawyer  to Iowa to seek justice for a transgender murder victim, maybe the U.S. Department of Justice will stump Sessions’ most ardent financial supporters by seeking justice for their alleged abhorrent actions.